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VPAS Ultimate Oil Clear Sheet

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Scented, instantly changes when patted against an oily face 100% natural, Japanese "Know How" technology environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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VPAS Ultimate Oil Clear Sheet absorbs unwanted oil from your face.This innovative, unique product is based on a Japanese “Know How" technology and 100% natural material.

VPAS Ultimate Oil Clear Sheet Scented instantaneously shows a color change (Transparent)when patted against an oily face softly. It has such a smooth texture and not so silky touch.The raw material is natural base, it is not plastic (PE), therefore it will not disturb any make-up and feel sticky both on face or hands. The product environmental friendly not hazard to cause global warming.

“The power of absorption is 7 times greater than any ordinary oil blotting paper and 2 times greater than Film-Type available in the market."


Brand: VPAS

Product Name: VPAS Ultimate Oil Clear Sheet

Scent: Gentle

Contain: 50 sheets

Size: 65 mm. X 100 mm.

Usage: Pull Pop Package


Just pat the darker violet side on your face softly, VPAS Ultimate Oil Clear Sheet will remove the unwanted oil rapidly into the paper. Paper should be patted against oily skin softly, not rubbing against it, misusing wrong method will be causing wrinkle in the future.

VPAS Ultimate Oil Clear Sheet is the best product for oil control that I have ever used.

I love this because it feels so gentle.

Thank You VPAS for taking care of my beauty everyday.

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