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Oil Blotting Paper's Background

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What is Oil Blotting paper?

The cosmetics industry continues to churn out new ways of improving and maintaining our skin, and more and more we have no idea what we’re putting on our faces. Now, not to knock the scientific advancements that make our daily lives easier but you need only to look at history to find some ingenious and simple methods of skin maintenance.

Abura-tori-gami, or ‘oil-blotting-paper’?

Aburatorigami was created over millennia ago when Kyoto, not Tokyo was the capital in Japan. During this period, from around 794 AD to 1192 AD, very thin gold leaf was being used very heavily to adorn the temples in Kyoto. During the process of beating gold into very thin pieces, the paper used to support the gold was also thinned to an extent that they were incredibly fine. This incidental product was the first version of Aburatorigami.

It was almost by accident, it was discovered that this thin paper could absorb oil so easily, but once the rumors spread, Aburatorigami caught on and became all the rage for everyone from housewives to Kabuki actors. Kabuki actors, like geisha, were especially grateful to have a product that would help keep their thick make up on for their performances in non-air-conditioned theaters..

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Our (Weifa Co. Ltd) Specialty?

We bring 100% Natural material paper from Japan. We manufacture the original Japanese Aburatorigami into finished products in our facility here in Thailand. Our facility is equipped with latest technology and has been in business for many decades.

The popularity of oil blotting paper is far from temporary. It has continued to appeal to wide range of customers and many is considered “must-have” item for their cosmetics collection.

In addition to our original Sumire Super oil Remover Sheet we have special versions of facial matte paper products to suit all age and gender. Our brand includes Sumire, VPAS, Aiko, Alice, Migoto , and Mayflower. These products are widely sold at various locations of Watsons, Boots, BigC, Foodland, Home Fresh Mart, Tesco-Lotus etc.

We also specialises in Re-branding our products for other consumer and corporates according to their needs. Our Re-branding portfolio consists of many different brands for different customers. Please refer to our re-branding page for more details.

Weifa Company is currently looking for individual, companies, retailer, cosmetic dealer, distributor, and wholesaling our products internationally. Please contact us for further details.

Thank you for our loyal customer base Weifa’s Abura-tori-gami, or ‘oil-blotting-paper’- Sumire, VPAS, Aiko, Alice, Migoto has now grown to become the stable items which satisfies customers through the ages. Sumire has stand out to be the best seller as being the first oil blotting product or ours.

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If you use makeup, would you like to ensure that the beautiful makeup stays on as long as possible?

There is now a must-have item for women wanting to keep their makeup on for a long time. It is called aburatorigami or Oil Control Sheet products like Sumire, VPAS, Aiko, Alice, Migoto. In Japan, if you were to look into young women’s purses, you would find facial oil blotting product most of the time.

If you use it before touching up your makeup, it helps the makeup stay on much longer.Oil Control paper also works well to keep the balance of water and oil in your skin and prevents skin trouble such as pimples and acne.

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