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Aburatorigami or oil blotting paper "Now"

Aburatorigami (あぶらとり紙) is a traditional Japanese facial oil blotting paper. Aburatorigami absorbs excess oil, thereby eliminating shine from the face. It has traditionally been used by kabuki actors and geisha to keep makeup looking fresh throughout performances. In modern times it has been growing in popularity for everyday use amongst women for its various skincare and makeup benefits. Aburatorigami also works well to keep the balance of water and oil in the skin and prevents skin problems.

In this fashion, this special paper has been passed down from kabuki actors and geisha, and now its use has spread all over Japan.Now the blotting paper has become popular to other Asian nations and spreading further to rest of the world. Furthermore, people have kept the spirit of protecting nature in Kyoto, which is reflected in the Kyoto Protocol, together with the noble colors based on nature.

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Responding With Flexibility to the Changing Needs of the Time

Since its’ launch of oil blotting paper products of Weifa company it has been making continuous and faithful efforts to offer quality 100% natural facial oil blotting paper products from Weifa Company Ltd. Our reputation has gradually been spreading throughout Thailand. Our Sumire has won many awards as a best product of the year in beauty product contest.

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A "Must Have" Product for Oily Skin

All of our oil control sheets can be used over make-up or on bare skin for an alluring and perfect matte finish. And if you want to keep your skin looking fresh, always have any of our oil blotting product, purse-sized pack that's compact hygienic, and easy-to-use, and perfect to carry around in your make-up bag, or handbag.

Do not use a single sheet more than once because reusing an oil blotting sheet can cause skin breakouts and even acne.

And if you wish to reapply your make-up after blotting the facial oil, make sure you have fully blotted all the excess oil on your face.

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